Monday, April 29, 2013

Real drawing! By moi!

I made some sketches! Finally, new art. Really new art.

#1: Photogenic fantasy people

Awww, they get to be happy for a little while. I, the author, will allow it. Then I crush them all like ants.

I haven't finished cleaning this piece yet, but I thought I would leave it here while I muster the courage to not abandon the project and actually paint it.

These three characters are siblings. Due to an unfortunate series of events, they all have different mothers. All their names begin with A. You've seen the little sister before -- she is Training Master From Hell.

I have an illustrator friend who tells me that big bro's eyelashes are too epic, and really he gets teased a lot for it. It's one of the few physical traits that all three of them have in common. Dad and Aunt from the same family have the same startling peepers. Aunt likes to claim that they were descended from camels.

#2: A mad bird.

mad bird
"aaaack!" *cough*cough*cough*"aaaaaaaack!!!"

I've gotten slowly back into the habit of doodling things while waiting for people to turn up. It's very therapeutic and keeps me from (1) playing Candy Crush, or (2) blowing my top at the late people. The only downside is that the sketchbook is heavy.

I don't generally know what I'm going to make when I put my pen down to paper. I make meaningless shapes and they metamorphose on their own into a thing. I used to do these random fantastical pen-sketches all the time... one day they will appear here.

Ok, gone.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

April and March outfits

Here are some outfits that I've worn out over the past three weeks!

Outfit 1: to a friend's birthday buffet at The Regent Hotel

 photo P4200051sm_zpsf187c027.jpg

Skirt: Juliette et Justine
Underskirt: Victorian Maiden
Top: Ruis (from Taobao)
Clips: Surfacespell
Headpiece: JRunway
Bag: Mucha (mook)

I've just realised that I'd used the wrong colour corsages to recreate this outfit! There should NOT be that dark purple rose there (it's so jarring). I'd used a flesh pink rose instead for the actual thing... I can't imagine what I was thinking while I was making this photograph. Possibly I wasn't thinking at all -- the weather was so hot.

Outfit 2: to hear Benjamin Britten's War Requiem

 photo P4200058sm_zpsae115785.jpg

Dress: Mere Vierge JSK
Hoodie jacket: Cabbages and Roses x Uniqlo collab
Necklace: Alice and the Pirates
Hairclip: JRunway
Earrings: Tzarist
Bag: Lapalette
Shoes: Clarks

The concert was a Requiem Mass interspersed with arias sung to the words of Wilfred Owen's most famous poems. I did Owen's war poetry for my A'-levels and could, to my surprise, remember nearly everything. I'm sure I wasn't the only person mouthing along to the quavering bass and tenor soloist parts.

Outfit 3: to another friend's wedding dinner

 photo P4200074sm_zps6675a8f8.jpg

Dress: Alice and the Pirates
Corsage: Surfacespell
Shoes: Clarks
Shrug: offbrand

Clarks is just about the only brand that sells good shoes in my size. I must have busted at least half a month's salary's worth of cash on Clarks shoes over my lifetime. It's worth it because the shoes are beautiful, heavy, comfy, and indestructable.

The people getting married were non-lolita so I thought I'd keep it toned down. It was a good decision; everyone at my table, including the bride and groom, were wearing black! But really this dress is an artwork on its own -- I have more OTT coordinates in mind, but this time I accessorised it simply and just let it do its thing.

You'll notice that I've been leaning towards tea-length dresses, but I've been doing that for a long time. I've always preferred longer skirts, especially since it was easier to wear socks underneath without revealing a bit of flesh when they inevitably sink.


As always, I keep intending to do some real art, but it never happens. But I was talking to someone yesterday and she said that she's looking forward to the day I produce my own comic. I really need to get my act together and actually create something! So hopefully there will be something of that nature up here the next time I post.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring bird

Since I went to a tea party this weekend instead of doing anything creative, here is more old art. I posted it on EGL a long time ago and I have since lost the link. But hey, spring is here!

spring bird