Friday, October 5, 2012

Character sketches

I had some time off between classes this week so I managed to do some sketching for the first time in a while!


This first sketch is a freestyle marker doodle. The top-hatted idiot is Fred from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens -- he laughs so much that I've always imagined him as some kind of icky fop. But his mother Fan is a dear, and I wish I hadn't run out of space with her dress.

What's below is more like a physique + costume sketch. I went a bit overboard with the first character's outfit so I made the second one really basic. I was more concerned with finding out this second character's physique anyway -- she spends most of her time in armour so I'd never figured out exactly what her proportions were. But I figured that it couldn't do any harm to make her... hot.

del and amarant 2

Colour study:

amarant 2

More logo work to be done, this time for something else ugh!! I always had problems keeping resolutions.