Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sparkles WELKOMES you.

I moved back home two days ago and the house is still in a mess, albeit a sane mess mostly caused by not knowing where to put all my beautiful new books.

Unfortunately, my tablet does not seem to be working this weekend. I'll need to take time tomorrow to find out why. So here is more old art: in this case, something I made for the FAQ page for a lolita comic website I used to draw. I had done the original sketch on the first stage of a flight to Hanoi to take my mind off how much I hated flights. A telephone got in because the flight attendants kept reminding all of us to switch off our mobile devices.

evil bunny loli colour fin
I really enjoy this style of Sweet lolita, it's just that I can't wear it. My body shape was never really suited for Sweet-style cuts to begin with -- but I can live out my fantasies via Photoshop.

I'm beginning to develop twitches if I'm kept away from books for too long. Now that there are no more classes I'll be back to my reading average of one per day! JOY!!

Link to original page:

Edit, 27 Jan 2013: I have just found out that this is technically a re-post. Urgh. I'll try not to do it again.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Another busy week! Bless me but that three assignments were due on Friday; I'm glad I got through it without actually losing much sleep, because I'm awesome like that. But today I went out for tea with S. (who, incidentally, looks like a Taiwanese model and wears Classic lolita so well I could weep) and then we went shopping afterwards. I have been neglecting my drawing duties.

L.A.C.E.D header

So here I present the little thing I was doing before my graphics card crashed last month: a header for a Facebook page that didn't work out. Tuesday is a public holiday so I'll probably try to do a bit of painting. Let's see how that works out.

(sometimes I wonder what kind of mastery I could have achieved if I had made this into a living when I was younger and let myself spend all day practicing. But that's a very big 'what if' and those can be dangerous. Never mind.)

The lace brushes are courtesy of Courthouse on Deviantart, a la

The original ribbon-and-saucer photograph was made by Em.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

OMG apocalypse!

The graphics card on my computer died three weeks ago.

I sent it to the shop. They said, 'wait one week'.

Two weeks ago, I fell ill. :/ And slept for days and days.

Last week the shop finally told me what was wrong and gave me my options.

This week I took it home. *_*

So that's why I haven't been posting.

Here's an old picture.

gatling gun 05

More next week if I live through the three-assignment bloc next Friday!