Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Two weeks' catch-up

Headdress progress:

Headdress 1 progress 1
(yes, my handwriting is small. And yes, the flowers are huuuge.)

Headdress 1 progress 2

Also, something I doodled on the opposite side of a printed sheet during a very sad lecture, which is far better than paying attention. The class ended before I could draw feet for the lady at the back. Two more characters -- the lady in front is someone you might remember from January, the one in charge of training from Hell. She's kind of small.

del and ame line sm
By next week I should have finished both headdresses, so that's when the final photos should be up. Hurr for full-time job, which bestows me with largesse to live on, but which taketh away quality time with my tablet.