Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I had to do all of last month

Being the only person in my service learning project group who was any good with Photoshop, I volunteered to do the logo for us. Because the group name was DreaMakers, they felt that having something based on the DreamWorks logo was a good idea. And they wanted something to do with pedagogy as well, because we were working with small children, so

dreamakers 1

At that point they decided that it was TOO similar to the DreamWorks logo, so I was asked to make it a little more different and a little more pedagogical. These two were the results.

dreamakers 2
Variant 1: rejected for looking pedogogial. Does anything involving a little girl and a remotely male-looking thing have to be sexual? Has our culture fallen so far?

dreamakers 3
Variant 2: rejected because some people felt that the boy was flinging the kid off the moon. Holy cow. OK, I agree that this needed more dynamism and more dynamism would have made it less ambiguous, but even now I can't see how a guy can toss a kid at that angle with a straight arm.

(One day I will invent a dwarf tossing logo and it will be a governing meme on the internet for two weeks)

After which I went grrrah and did some more.

dreamakers 4
Variant 3: so I thought, hey, if I turned the man into a woman, we'd skirt most of the pedo issues quite easily. Because pedo lesbianism is just sick, right?? It can't ever happen, right?? Because men are just crazy sex-crazed creatures who have no other reason to pay attention to a little girl, right??!

dreamakers 5
Variant 4: just to make it clear that this game only involves catching, not throwing.

dreamakers 6
Variant 5: and then I thought -- hey, I could actually bring the book back in, and it would be relevant.

And the logo they chose in the end was [none of the above]. I won't put it up here until the project's completed, maybe next year.

And this is why I didn't post anything over the past four weeks, which are even now staring at me accusingly from the sidebar.

Not volunteering for anything like this EVER again.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mega post

It's occured to me that I haven't posted for over a month now and I am seriously contrite. I leave my tablet at home to stop it from distracting me in my hostel room when I'm supposed to be doing work but it doesn't seem to be working out for me on the art side. And now that all my classes are done tutorial-style I can't get away with drawing in class any more...

So here's an extra-long post. First, starring some lolita coordinates.

Outfit 1. worn to singing practice at R.'s house
Dress: Alice and the Pirates St. Mephisto's Cathedrale JSK (sorry for wrinkliness! I'd just washed it and I hadn't ironed it yet.

Outfit 2: worn to Orchard Road, at which I promptly splurged on bags (sigh)
Skirt: Juliette et Justine l'amour d'amants skirt

Outfit 3: worn to a Victoria and Albert Museum special exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore (300-year-old wedding dresses!! We honour them with our dressups), featuring one of the aforementioned bags.
Dress: Mary Magdalene Perfume Bottle JSK in cocoa
Parasol: Victorian Maiden Fairy Frill Parasol in fern
Bolero: Innocent World Millefeuille Tulle Lace Bolero in brown
Bag: Lapalette Buckingham Guard Bag (medium) in green x brown
lots of Chocomint and Surfacespell hair clips
el cheapo H&M pouch for putting extra stuff in

Shoes in all three pictures from Clarks, which sometimes has my shoe size.

I've been dressing up rather a lot partly to (over)compensate for not being able to go to the Juliette et Justine tea party held in London two weeks ago, which was awesome by all accounts. But I did send proxies in the form of headdresses. And here they are being worn at the tea party itself!!



My friend is soooo pretty. But her identity needs to be kept a mystery for reasons of privacy, so don't look at her face!

...And lastly, the results of eating a radioactive dragonfruit. I swear this is what I look like right now.
It was tasty. But it IS magenta.

More next time!