Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow White, Rose Red

I made corsages this week!


Whoops, wrong date. I keep forgetting it's 2012 and that the world is going to end. I'm too lazy to change it, anyway.

These were conceived as gifts, but now that I've made them... I mean, just imagine a whole BUNCH of these things in your hair! Who wouldn't want a whole bunch of these things in one's hair?? I was going to pile lace on the white one too, but I thought it'd be more versatile on its own... and was glad to have done it too, because I hadn't expected lace to be so expensive. Hurr.

(I am much aware that my recent entries have all been rather lame. I solemnly swear to actually finish something nice... after I clear next week's papers and tests.)

Good afternoon.

Friday, February 17, 2012

lolita art submission

I've been sketching left and right, and finally I have something I can use for the lolita art submission due this Thursday!

pockets embroidery princess copy smbanner

I feel kind of guilty about my deferred responsibilities -- I'd promised to make quite specific pictures for two friends, but those will probably have to wait a while. This one has a deadline.

I'll be painting this over the next five days, so keep an eye out for updates on this post. :3

Edit: I've received word that the deadline has been postponed by a MONTH! Woo-hoo!! Time to procrastinate!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I was ill last week, so I'm dreadfully behind schedule on my work. But I did do some arty things. Here is part of a sketch I'm planning to paint -- the moment I have time.

classic and wa sketch crop

I created these two characters two years ago -- one straight-haired classic lolita, one curly-haired wa lolita -- and they don't even have names yet. But instead of fading away like decent thought exercises they continued to insist. What shall I do with them??

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Excuses, excuses

I haven't been doing any art this past week. I put up a sales post, ran to and from the post office as a result of the sales post, made half a corsage, went to have a video made of the interior of my nose, exercised every day, bidded on (and won!) my dream dress, was socially active, and coped heroically with the week's readings -- but made no art. Erk.

Hence, since I have promised myself to update here at least once a week: more old art.
evil bunny loli colour fin
I call her the 'evil bunny loli'. She was first conceptualised for the FAQ page for my old comic (see here.) There are a lot of details that you won't be able to see with the picture shrunk down like this, so click on it to see the large version on my flickr.